Seat Leon Cupra - MotorsTV Review

Enter the Leon CUPRA. A car that was born on the track, but belongs on the road. After leading the field at the WTCC for the last two years, the Leon CUPRA now takes that knowledge and power even further - past the checkered flag and out into the world. The sportiest and hottest version of the SEAT Leon model range has competition written all over it.

Built and race-tuned by the same hands that prepare our cars for the WTCC, the Leon CUPRA introduces a 240hp engine ready to soar at a heart-stopping 247km/h. And thanks to colour-coded red brake calipers you can bring it to an equally fast halt. You are looking at a machine whose overall performance, road holding and lowered front suspension will impress even the most demanding power buffs. Once they get their breath back.

Since its creation, the Leon CUPRA has proven to be a tough act to follow for the competition. Let’s call it the road car version of the Leon WTCC. Groundbreaking design, racing seats, 18-inch alloys and elliptical sports exhaust are only a few of its standard features.

Pedals, gearstick and instrument cluster are the latest in speed chic. And the side-mirrors, front spoiler and license plate background come in matching Ebano black. Another outstanding feature at the rear of the car is the lower section’s black finish, which emulates the Leon WTCC’s diffusers.

The Leon CUPRA delivers the most powerful engine ever installed in a SEAT production car. It is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100km/h (60 mp/h) in only 6.4 seconds, and covering the first 1000 metres in only 26.4 seconds. Yet it returns impressive fuel consumption.

I love this car. If you're into hothatches this is the car of the moment. I had the opportunity to see how it goes and just felt in love with it.

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